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At Le Transporteur, we redefine the way you explore Mauritius. We’re not just a speedboat tour company; we are curators of your unique Mauritian sea adventure. Our guests trust us for an unparalleled reason: we harness our deep-rooted nautical expertise to craft exclusive, sensational sea expeditions across the breathtaking isles of Mauritius.

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    Expert Navigators Sailing with Le Transporteur means being in the hands of experts. Our crew's deep knowledge of Mauritius' waters ensures not just a safe journey, but one filled with hidden coves, secret spots, and tales of the sea.
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    Tailored Experiences Every trip with us is more than just a route; it's a curated experience. From selecting the perfect spots for snorkeling to ensuring you witness the best sunsets, we make every moment count, offering true value for your time and money.
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    Island Wonders Mauritius is an archipelago of wonders, and we know just where to find them. From the untouched beauty of Flat Island to the rich biodiversity around Coin de Mire, we promise destinations that are as breathtaking as the journey.
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We’ve been the trusted name in personalized speedboat tours around Mauritius. Our legacy is built on dedication, expertise, and a commitment to offering unparalleled sea adventures. 

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The Odyssey of Le Transporteur

From humble beginnings, Le Transporteur embarked on a mission to showcase the unparalleled beauty of Mauritius from its azure waters. Our passion for the sea and the islands led us to curate unique voyages, offering adventurers a perspective of Mauritius that few have witnessed.

Over the years, our dedication to excellence and our guests’ satisfaction has transformed us into a trusted name for personalized speedboat tours. Every journey with Le Transporteur is a testament to our love for the sea, our commitment to quality, and our desire to share the wonders of Mauritius with the world.

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