Discover the Gabriel, Flat island and Coin de Mire with Le Transporteur

8 Hours

Discover the Northern Trio with Le Transporteur

Visit the Northern Islands including Gabriel and Flat Island, with a stop at Coin de Mire on-board our private speed boat for a great day at sea with family and friends.

The trip departs from the Beach of Grand Bay at 7.30 am and after 30-40minutes of cruising you will reach Gabriel Island for a quick visit. Back on the speed boat, you will be taken to Flat Island for a more peaceful atmosphere.

Upon arrival to Flat Island, you will be guided to the main beach where you can enjoy sunbathing, swimming or go for a little stroll. In the meantime, a BBQ lunch will be prepared and served on the island itself, with an amazing view of Gabriel Island in the backdrop.

At around 12.45pm, you shall leave Flat Island, heading to Coin de Mire Island for snorkeling; this is a must place to snorkel for anyone looking to discover our island’s marine life. A number of native birds can be seen flying around or nesting in the cracks of the cliffs such as our famous national bird- the ‘pailles en queue.

The private trip ends with cruising in speed, reaching Grand Bay at around 15:00.

What's included


  • Departure at 07:30 a.m from Grand Baie Public Beach
  • Light local biscuits and refreshing juice
  • Snorkeling gear will be provided
  • Sightseeing opportunities, including unique flora, historic lighthouses, and birdwatching.


  • Lobster (500 gm available as from Euro-50)

Frequently Asked Question

What islands will we visit on the Northern Islands cruise with Le Transporteur?

Gabriel Island, Flat Island, and Coin de Mire, each offer their own unique beauty and experiences, from serene beaches to rich marine life and historic lighthouses.

What can I expect to see on Flat Island and Coin de Mire?

Flat Island is known for its serene beauty and it offers a chance to see the ‘pailles en queue’ bird and enjoy the stunning natural flora. Coin de Mire is one of the best spot for Snorkeling in Mauritius.

What does the BBQ lunch package include?

The BBQ lunch package is a gourmet delight that includes a variety of grilled favorites such as chicken, sausages, and fish, accompanied by a selection of salads including rice salad, pasta salad, and a fresh green salad. The meal is topped off with a delicious dessert of flambéed bananas.

What should I bring on the cruise?

We recommend bringing sunscreen, a hat, comfortable clothing, swimwear, a camera, and any personal items you may need for a day at sea. Snorkeling gear is provided, but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.


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Discover the Gabriel, Flat island and Coin de Mire with Le Transporteur
From ₨24500
/ Adult

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